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Coach Information Sessions Sunday 19 February

posted 17 Feb 2017, 07:07 by Coaching TGNC

Information sessions for the 2017 season will be held for all our wonderful volunteer coaches as follows:

Sunday 19 February 2017
Gymnasium, Hilder Rd State School
  • NetSetGO coaches, teams 8-10yrs at 2.30-3.30pm
  • Competitive coaches, teams 11 yrs to opens at 3.45-5.00pm
Receive game bags, coach shirts, presentation from AllSports Physio-The Gap, accreditation advice, blue card information, coaching resources and useful information for the coming season.


Thanks Communify!

posted 14 Feb 2017, 02:49 by Registrar TGNC   [ updated 14 Feb 2017, 03:21 ]

Community logo
We thank Communify for letting us put a registration banner at Green Corner on Waterworks Road at Ashgrove and we encourage members to support their programs. 
Communify is a local community organisation that provides opportunities for people, whatever their stage of life, to join activities that are interesting, stimulating, and that support an active, healthy and socially connected life.
Communify's services include domestic support, transport, volunteering, aged and disability services, childcare, volunteering and many other services for residents of inner North-West Brisbane.
The Newmarket poster
Communify will host a free community day to open a new community venue at the former Newmarket Bowls Club at 1-5pm on Sunday 19 March with Flipside Circus, food trucks, 'Kids Do Art' activities, music, and much more.

We encourage Club members to help Communify to strengthen our community's capacity by visiting their website to donate or get involved.

2017 Extra 13s Grading

posted 13 Feb 2017, 03:25 by Registrar TGNC

TGNC logo
Due to the unprecedented number of 13 year players who were unable to attend either or both grading sessions this year, the graders are holding an extra session on Thursday 16th February at the Hilder Road netball courts from 6pm - 7.30pm. 

Please advise as soon as possible if you are unable to attend this session

Fiona Davies
Grading Convenor

Pre-season Fitness CANCELLED TONIGHT 13/2/17 with Ritual HQ due to weather warning

posted 12 Feb 2017, 21:10 by Coaching TGNC   [ updated 13 Feb 2017, 02:17 by Admin TGNC ]

Sit-ups, push-ups and squats in your own home tonight! 

Ritual HQ, proud supporters of The Gap Netball Club, continue to run pre-season fitness free for our registered players every Monday, 6-6.45pm at HRSS until 20 March.  

Sessions are suited to players turning 13 in 2017 to Opens.  

Sessions will continue unless otherwise posted on this News page.

2017 Teams

posted 10 Feb 2017, 22:15 by Registrar TGNC   [ updated 17 Feb 2017, 18:31 ]

TGNC logo
2017 teams for all age grades (8-9s to Opens) have been posted. 

If a player cannot commit to their team, including attending training sessions, they should discuss this directly with their coach by email at as shown on their team listing.
  • 8-9s (born 2008-9) - some 9s may be in a 10s team
  • 10s (born 2007)
  • 11s (born 2006)
  • 12s (born 2005)
  • 13s (born 2004)
  • Cadets (born 2002-3)
  • Inters (born 1999-2001)
  • Opens (born 1998 and earlier)
If you have questions or concerns about team allocation email:

2017 Grading Update

posted 31 Jan 2017, 23:23 by Registrar TGNC   [ updated 31 Jan 2017, 23:23 ]

TGNC logo
Midweek grading sessions have been scheduled for 11s, 12s and Cadets, and this post also provides important grading information, especially for new members and players moving into 11s and Cadets, as well as information about 2017 training times. 

Hi all and welcome to The Gap Netball Club for 2017.

Thanks for choosing to play with The Gap Netball Club and we hope that you all have an enjoyable season.  Please see 2017 Grading Trials which has been updated to include midweek sessions for 11s, 12s and Cadets.

If this is going to be your first year of competitive netball, you are moving up into Cadets or you are new to the Club, then it is particularly important that you read the following information regarding grading.

Grading 2017

Grading is an important part of The Gap Netball Club.  Each year players are graded in order to ensure that they are placed in a team with players of a similar ability and that the team is then placed in a division at Downey Park where they will compete against teams of a similar ability. This is done in order to maximise player development and their enjoyment of the game.  Consequently, teams are not formed on the basis of friendship groups.  While it can be a little sad not to play netball with the same friends as in previous years, this is a marvellous opportunity for players to develop new friendships and expand their social networks.  This often has a flow on benefit outside of netball when players enter High School and realise that they know quite a few of their new school chums because they have been playing netball with them. The Gap Netball Club is committed to providing an enjoyable netball experience for players of all abilities.  So whether or not your daughter or son is going to be the next Firebird or simply wants to be active and have fun, we are committed to taking the time necessary to grade them into a team which will suit their ability and maximise their enjoyment.


For those of you moving up from 10s this will be your first experience of grading.  The grading format involves all players being placed into temporary teams based on their positions of choice (as indicated in their registration information) and playing a series of games.  The graders then individually assess each player in these positions.  Players will be moved around from team to team until a good blend of players, based on ability and position preference, is decided upon for each team.  Grading sessions for 11s are two hours long and there is no guarantee as to how long each player will spend on court nor as to when they will make it onto the court.  We require all the players to be there for the full two hours as players are often swapped in and out as the time goes by.  As the 11s cohort tends to be large and has not been graded before they are usually asked to attend (if possible) three grading sessions.

Please do not be concerned if your child seems to spend only a short time on the court compared to another player.  This has nothing to do with your child’s ability rather it is to do with the graders endeavouring to work out the best combinations.  We aim to ensure that each player has a turn at their two preferred positions however at times the graders will notice that a player also shows signs of having a good ability in a different position and may get them to play that position to see how they perform.  As we often have an abundance of players requesting to play GA or C it is likely that these players may be asked to take the court at a GS or WA in order to provide teams with an even balance of positions.  At other times, players may be asked to “fill in” in a position they do not normally play simply to make up numbers on the court.

Please ensure that each player comes suitably dressed to play netball, has a water bottle, a healthy snack (a banana is great if you can’t think of anything else) and brings along something to entertain themselves (e.g. a book) in the event that they have to spend some time waiting.  The players are supervised the entire time they are in the Sports Hall and are not permitted to leave the Hall until grading has concluded and there is a parent/carer there to pick them up.  Parents – you will not be permitted in the Hall during grading and there is absolutely no need for you to remain outside the Hall waiting for the two hours.  Take the opportunity to do whatever you need to do on a Saturday morning especially if it involves having a coffee and some downtime!  As mentioned previously, the players will not be allowed to leave the Hall until you or a nominated carer has arrived to pick them up.  If you have a child who is nervous/anxious please bring it to my attention and I will keep an eye on them for you.


Cadets – While you are familiar with the grading process, this is the first time you will be graded into an age group with existing and older players (depending on dates of birth there may be nearly a two year age difference).  As usual the graders will work towards putting each player into a team based on their playing position preference and their ability.  For those players coming up from 13s this may mean being placed into a team in a lower division than you have previously played in (e.g. a 13 Div 2 player may end up in a Cadet Div 4 team).  This does not represent a “decline” in the player’s ability but is a result of that player now being assessed in amongst existing players who are all a bit older and more experienced.  Equally, with the influx of new players into the Cadet age group, it is possible that existing Cadets (playing in their second year of Cadets)  may end up in a lower division team, not because of a decline in their ability, but due to the fact that new, stronger players have moved into the Cadet age group.  Again, while it can initially be a little sad not to be playing with team mates from previous years, this is an opportunity to make new friends and expand their social network.

Grading Enquiries

All grading queries (including notice of inability to attend grading sessions) should be emailed to Fiona Davies at   Please be aware that I work full-time and squeeze my role as Grading Convenor into my other work, family and life commitments!  I check my emails regularly but will not necessarily reply immediately. 

2017 Training Times

Around this time of year we also start to get queries regarding training times.  The following information is a brief explanation of how training times at The Gap are established and what this means for players.

Training for teams at The Gap Netball Club takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings at the netball courts at Hilder Road State School, Hilder Road, The Gap. 

The training schedule is developed in consultation with our coaches, when we know who they are and their availability.  As all our coaches are volunteers and are fitting this valuable commitment into their already busy lives we choose times to suit them. Thus training times are based on the coach’s availability not on player or team preference.  This may be a new concept to those of you are entering competitive netball for the first time as in previous years in the Nippa/Netta competition training times are traditionally more flexible and team based.  However, we follow the same format as any other sporting club in Queensland and our training times are set and not negotiable.  We realise that there will inevitably be clashes with other sporting, dancing and social commitments and, like many other families with multiple children and commitments, decisions will need to be made as to which commitments take priority for the child involved. 

At The Gap Netball Club we take the grading of players into teams very seriously in order to ensure that each player is placed into a team with players of a similar ability and that the team is then placed into a division at Downey Park where they will compete against teams of similar ability in order to maximise their enjoyment of the game.  The movement of a player from one team to another affects the dynamics of two teams and this is not fair to the other players. Consequently players will not moved to a different team simply to access a different training time.  

On some occasions there is the option for a player to train with another suitable team but still play with their team on Saturday.  This option is to be discussed with and arranged by the player’s coach once teams have been posted.  We are not in a position to enter into any discussions regarding training clashes until grading is completed and players allocated to teams. 

Training Enquiries are to be directed to the team coach once teams have been posted and coaches allocated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and I hope it has answered most, if not all, of the questions you may had regarding Grading and Training Times.

Fiona Davies
Grading Convenor

2017 Term 1 NetSetGO Update

posted 28 Jan 2017, 20:30 by Registrar TGNC   [ updated 28 Jan 2017, 20:33 ]

2017 NetsetGO logo
NetSetGO starts tomorrow (Mon 30 Jan) at 3:45pm to 4:45pm at Hilder Road State School at The Gap, running for 8 weeks and finishing with a sausage sizzle after the last session on Mon 20 Mar. 
We start at 3:45pm so players from distant schools such as Milton and Petrie Terrace are able to make it for the start of the session, and there’ll be a bit of mucking around on the first day with sorting out the teams.

At this stage the furthest schools are Rainworth and Patricks Road so we'll talk tomorrow about whether it's better to start a little earlier at 3:30pm from week 2.

CLOTHING: Players should wear comfortable clothes and footwear suitable for running around (school uniforms are fine), and don't forget a hat, sunscreen and a full water bottle (or 2!).

WET WEATHER: If we have to postpone a session due to rain we'll post to the Club's website by 3pm and we'll also try to SMS as well. We'll generally go ahead because there are plenty of covered areas near the courts, but if we do postpone we'll extend by a week to Mon 27 Mar.

NetSetGO participant pack
PACK: Each player will receive a Suncorp NetSetGO participant pack, with a NetSetGO T-shirt and netball delivered individually so please double-check your address and T-shirt size on your confirmation email and update it if necessary by emailing me at or see me at the first session (purple Club shirt and straw hat).

CONTACTS: Email Registrar Ian MacColl at and on 0438 115 382 with any registration questions or problems

All the best with Term 1 NetSetGO and we look forward to seeing you at the first session.

2017 Registrations Paused

posted 28 Jan 2017, 16:14 by Registrar TGNC   [ updated 10 Feb 2017, 22:11 ]

TGNC logo
UPDATE: Registrations for all age grades are paused while we organise teams, players wanting to register can join a waiting list at  

UPDATE: 2017 DPNA 8-10s registrations are restarted, and 11s and older wanting to join should pre-register on the waiting list
UPDATE: 2017 DPNA registrations are paused while we organise teams, and players wanting to register can go to

UPDATE: Registrations have been restarted until midnight Wed 1 Feb at to register

2017 DPNA registrations are paused while we get started organising teams, and players wanting to register can go to

We pause registrations for DPNA players (8s and older, born 2009 and earlier) at this point so we can start organising teams without player number shifting and changing.

The Club's community ethos includes trying very hard to find a place for every player and we'll restart registrations as soon as possible.

In the meantime, players wanting to register can go to to provide key details to speed things up when we restart registrations.

Players who have already registered must pay before taking the court for grading and training (4 Feb for 11s and older, 26 Feb for 8-10s), and we'll email reminders as we get closer to each deadline.

Email Registrar Ian MacColl at if you have any questions or problems.

2017 Registration Update

posted 27 Jan 2017, 04:28 by Registrar TGNC   [ updated 27 Jan 2017, 05:13 ]

TGNC logo
This 2017 registration update covers recent news postings on uniformspre-season fitnessSign-OnNetSetGOgrading trials and 8s to 10s Carnivals, with next steps for folk who have already registered as well as those who haven't paid or registered (yet). 

2017 registrations are now open at and an earlier news post is available at 2017 Registrations.

Get Started Round 9 is also now open, and we ask you to provide your Get Started voucher number on registration if your child is eligible and you want to claim the $150 discount ($100 for NetSetGO 5s to 7s).

You don't need to come along to Sign-On at 9-11am on Sat 28 Jan at Hilder Road if you've registered and paid online, but it's an opportunity to pay by cash or cheque, volunteer as a coach or umpire, find out more if you're new to netball or the Club, check secondhand uniform, or just have a chat and catch up with friends.

If you've registered and paid online...'re all set for 2017!

Key dates and contacts are summarised on the table below below and your next step is:

If you've registered online but haven't paid yet... can pay by card or direct debit online at, or by cheque at Sign-On at 9-11am on Sat 28 Jan at Hilder Road tuckshop.

Registration fees must be paid must be paid before taking the court for grading or training: 
  • Sat 4 Feb for grading trials for Competitive players (11s and older)
  • Sun 26 Feb NetSetGO 8s to 10s Fun Day for NetSetGO 8s to 10s
  • Mon 30 Jan (or before first session) for NetSetGO 5s to 7s
Key dates and contacts are summarised on the table below and once you've paid your next steps are:

If you haven't registered online yet... can register and pay online at

The 2017 DPNA Winter and Term 1 NetSetGO seasons are summarised in the table below, and flyers for both seasons were attached to the previous email which also had information for Get Started applicants, 8s to 10s, QCNA rep players, and volunteers.

We'll be suspending registrations for 11s (born 2006) and older early on Sun 29 Jan so we can prepare for grading trials starting 4 Feb so register before then to be included in the initial trial sheets, and pay before trials start.

We'll also be suspending registrations for NetSetGO 8-10s (born 2007-9) early on Sun 29 Jan so we can start allocating teams so register before then to be included in initial allocations, and pay before the Fun Day on Sun 26 Feb.

DPNA Winter season players (8s and older) wanting to register after Sat 28 Jan should email Registrar Ian MacColl at to go on a waiting list.

Registrations for NetSetGO 5s to 7s will not be suspended.

As in previous years, registrations and payments are online:
  • Visit the Club's website and follow the Register link to enter your email address, and then follow the instructions in the email to access your TGNC page
  • Enter or update your household details if necessary
  • Enter or update players details and then register them
  • Pay for registrations by card or direct debit
DPNA Winter households will have a $100 Volunteer Levy which is refunded at the end of the season for volunteers, and they also have an option to pay an extra $20 to opt out of fundraising activities

Registration fees must be paid before taking the court for grading or training due to insurance requirements:
  • By Mon 30 Jan (or first session attended) for NetSetGO 5-7s
  • By Fun Day on Sun 26 Feb for NetSetGO 8-10s
  • By first grading trial on Sat 4 Feb for 11s and older
Email Registrar Ian MacColl at if you have any questions or problems.

2017 Season Summary

 CompetitiveNetSetGO 8–10NetSetGO 5–7

Ian MacColl
0438 115 382
Kylie Wiebusch
0432 017 323
0438 115 382
11s & older 
(2006 & earlier)
Sign-OnSat 28 JanSat 28 JanSat 28 Jan
NetSetGO start  Mon 30 Jan
Pre-season fitness30 Jan - 20 Feb 
Umpire training30 Jan - 3 Feb 30 Jan - 3 Feb 
Grading trials4-11 Feb  
Teams posted
Sat 18 Feb

Coaches Info Session
Sun 19 Feb
Sun 19 Feb 
Teams posted

Mon 20 Feb 
NetSetGO Fun Day

Sun 26 Feb 

Training start21-23 Feb28 Feb - 2 Mar 
NetSetGO finish  Mon 20 Mar
DPNA fixtures startSat 25 MarSat 25 Mar 
COSTSRegister at
Per Player$300$265$100
Per Household 
Volunteer Levy
Fundraising Opt-out




2017 Grading Trials

posted 27 Jan 2017, 04:07 by Registrar TGNC   [ updated 31 Jan 2017, 23:12 ]

TNGC logo
UPDATE: Weeknight trials have been added for 11s, 12s and Cadets 6-8pm on Tuesday to Thursday (7-9 Feb). 

Grading trials for 2017 DPNA competitive teams (11s and older, born 2006 and earlier) will be held Sat 4 to Sat 11 Feb, with teams announced on the Club's website at 9am on Sat 18 February. 
The trial schedule is shown below by date and by grade, and all age grades have at least 2 trials, with 3 week-night trials for larger age grades.

The week-night sessions are likely to be for 11s (born 2006), 12s (born 2005), and Cadets (born 2002-3), but this will be decided after registrations are suspended in the wee hours on Sun 29 Jan.

Players should attend all scheduled trials for their age grade if they can, and email Grading Convenor Fiona Davies at if they can't attend any particular trial. 

We are not aware of any clashes between our grading trials and DPNA or QCNA representative team trials, but if so, attend your rep team trial if required, and also email Grading Convenor Fiona Davies at to let her know.

Saturday trials will be in the Sports Hall at The Gap State High School at 1020 Waterworks Road, The Gap, next to The Gap Shopping Village. The Sports Hall is in R Block towards the south-west of the High School campus, outbound from the city and away from Waterworks Road.
Tuesday to Thursday evening trials will be at the Club's training courts at Hilder Road State School at 104 Kaloma Road, The Gap (with best access from Hilder Road, near Wittonga Park).
Players should arrive 15 minutes before their trial to be signed in and warmed up, and should bring plenty of water and wear clothes suitable for playing netball. DPNA and QCNA representative players wearing Association gear will be asked to change.

We will post to the Club's website an hour before the start of a trial if the trial is postponed due to rain.

Team allocations for competitive teams (11s and older, born 2006 and earlier) will be announced on the Club's website at 9am on Saturday 18 February.

Email Grading Convenor Fiona Davies at if you have any questions about grading or can't attend any session.

Grading Trials by Date

Date Venue Grade Time
Sat 4 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 11s (born 2006) 7:30-9:30am
12s (born 2005) 10am-12noon
13s (born 2004) 12:30-1:30pm
Opens 2-3:30pm
Inters (born 1998-2001) 4-5:30pm
Cadets (born 2002-3) 6-8pm
Tue 7 Feb HRSS courts TO BE ADVISED 6-8pm
Wed 8 Feb HRSS courts TO BE ADVISED 6-8pm
Thu 9 Feb HRSS courts TO BE ADVISED 6-8pm
Sat 11 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall As for Sat 4 Feb

Grading Trials by Grade

Grade Date Venue Time
11s (born 2006) Sat 4 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 7:30-9:30am
Tue 7 Feb Hilder Road courts 6-8pm
Sat 11 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 7:30-9:30am
12s (born 2005) Sat 4 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 10am-12noon
Wed 8 Feb Hilder Road courts 6-8pm
Sat 11 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 10am-12noon
13s (born 2004) Sat 4 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 12:30-1:30pm
Sat 11 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 12:30-1:30pm
Cadets (born 2002-3) Sat 4 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 6-8pm
Thu 9 Feb Hilder Road courts 6-8pm
Sat 11 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 6-8pm
Inters (born 1998-2001) Sat 4 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 4-5:30pm
Sat 11 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall  4-5:30pm
Opens Sat 4 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 2-3:30pm
Sat 11 Feb TGSHS Sports Hall 2-3:30pm

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