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For general information about TGNC such as forms, training times, etc, contact us via email: <secretary@thegapnetball.org>

Executive & Convenors

President Danielle Gallegos 0409 681 807 <president@thegapnetball.org>
Vice President Meg Purtell
Treasurer Danielle Panteli   <treasurer@thegapnetball.org>
Secretary Alan Tait 0448 207 733 <secretary@thegapnetball.org>
Registrar Ian MacColl 0438 115 382  <registrar@thegapnetball.org>
Grading Fiona Davies
Modified (8/9s & 10s) Kylie Wiebusch 
Coaching Lisa Donoghoe   <coaching@thegapnetball.org>
Coaching Admin  Kelly Madden     
Coaching - NetSetGOEmily Rogan <coaching-netsetgo@thegapnetball.org>
Coaching AccreditationCharley Marshall <coaching-accreditation@thegapnetball.org>
Umpiring Ruth Sommer   <umpiring@thegapnetball.org>
Modified Umpiring Peta Harvey    <modified-umpiring@thegapnetball.org>
NetSetGO Admin
NetSetGO Coaching       
Canteen Carley Vroom   <canteen@thegapnetball.org>
Equipment Jenny Ryan
Debra Birmingham 
Events Monika Janda   <events@thegapnetball.org>
Fundraising Elise Perrett
Rebecca Smythe
Photos Derrin Pomare   <photos@thegapnetball.org>
Sponsorship Anne Wilson   <sponsorship@thegapnetball.org>
Trophies Grete Hindsberger   <trophies@thegapnetball.org>
Uniforms Nemika Cutmore   <uniforms@thegapnetball.org>

Postal Address

The Gap Netball Club
PO Box 220
The Gap QLD 4061

Bank Details

BSB: 124-006
Acct: 21718204
Name: The Gap Netball Club 

The Club is an incorporated association under Queensland legislation and its ABN is 54 589 435 383.